BRT Simulation

Your opinion matters! Get Pittsburgh there faster by designing your own Bus Rapid Transit system.

Learn about the elements of BRT in Pittsburgh by designing your own simulated service. Try out options based on your preferences and ideas of what is best for the city. After you have configured your ideal system, you may submit the configuration to be considered as part of Pittsburgh BRT’s development process.

Please note: The Pittsburgh BRT Simulation requires the Unity Web Player plugin and a compatible browser. Compatible browsers include Google Chrome v42 or older, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Opera.

Launch the Pittsburgh BRT Simulation and submit your plan today!

Using the BRT Sim

You will start out in the Map View showing the proposed BRT routing. Click on the yellow and purple stations to access individual station views. Yellow stations are each fully customizable and are representative of potential BRT station locations. Purple stations show example connecting neighborhood stations, which are configurable as a group.

As you make changes to your BRT system, the performance metrics will change based on your decisions. Your starting configuration will have the following metrics. Can you do better?

Be sure to balance these factors building your system!

  • More blue watches mean a longer travel time for your riders.
  • More orange people represent higher levels of ridership.
  • More purple economic indicators represent higher levels of economic development.
  • More green dollar signs mean a higher budget.

Submitting Your Plan

When you have your ideal system, you may submit it to be included for review as part of the Alternatives Analysis.  You may only submit a plan once per game play, but are free to play many times as you like.